Jeff with Jake after a successful goose hunt.

Jeff Latour began training & field testing his personal retrievers as a hobby in 2001 which led him to a full-time career as a professional trainer. He has successfully titled several dogs at a "Master Hunter" level and qualified them for the AKC Master Nationals. In addition to training dogs and hunt testing Jeff is an AKC hunt test judge and avid hunter.

Jeff's training program starts with an end goal in mind, as the dog progresses thru the training program, it is customized to meet the needs of the dog and owner. Jeff understands that all dogs are different and must be handled as individuals, no matter what breed. There is no cookie cutter program at Elk River Kennels. The personalized training ensures that you have a quality companion whether its your gun dog, family dog, or a hunt test competitor.

The heart of our business is still about training a dog so the owner can take him home and enjoy their pet to the fullest. A dog who is now under control and obedient. This means it is important to make sure you, the owner, know how to handle your dog. From understanding simple commands like sit and heel to the complexities of running a blind, Jeff will help you understand what it takes to maintain the training your dog just received.

The end result is a dog that will give you more shooting time, make quick retrieves, and be a joy to hunt with. You, or should I say your dog, will be invited on more hunting trips than you imagined, and set the standard for your friends dogs.

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