Stud Dogs

Elk River Kennels recommends these fine males as stud dogs. They meet Elk River Kennels standards for breeding making great gun dogs and family dogs. These dogs produce hard driving trainable dogs with good hunting instincts, and temperaments that are hard to beat.

Training and Boarding

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Sir Jacob of Monticello
Jake from Elk River Kennels

What a dog. Jake has been an absolute joy since the day I brought him home. He has shown a high degree of intelligence in every aspect of his training as is evident by him acquiring his MASTER TITLE by the time he was 21 months old and qualifying for the MASTER NATIONAL before age three.

If you want to breed to a dog that exhibits high drive, great personality, high degree of trainabilty, superior intelligence, and throws yellow pups, then you should consider breeding to this dog.

Jake is EIC clear.

Pedigree /  AKC Registration / HIPS, OFA Certified / ELBOWS, OFA Certified / EYES, CERF Certified

Rock at Elk River Kennels

Rocky has shown great potential and trainability, he received his Senior Hunter title at 15 months.

Rocky is EIC clear.

Pedigree / AKC Registration / Rocky’s are rated OFA Excellent /