Pete’s doing great! He’s become quite the little retriever. Thanks to you, he’s got a bunch of mallards, a couple pheasants, and 2 geese under his belt now.

He didn’t want to come back to the blind the first weekend if the gun was in sight. The next weekend he figured out (with your training of course) that when the bang happens he gets to go after birds. That was the end of “Gun-shy” Pete.

Now he has no hesitation or fear when the gun comes out and shooting starts.

Thank you so much, without you I think I would have an expensive house dog, instead of an expensive hunting dog. You are definitely a master of your craft.

Thanks for your work with her.

Kris & Pete


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Hey Jeff,

Elsie did an awesome job on her first hunt. Thank you so much for all your help.



Elsie – Black Lab


Jerry is really enjoying his dog and having fun hunting with her this fall. What a great dog for him!!! I am so happy she is working out and so well trained. He was so excited when he called me that they had gotten their limit one day… Reva looks pretty serious on the pictures – all business…

Hope you all are having a great day – I am in the “valley of the sun” soaking up the great sunshine.

Thanks Tom and Jeff for all you’ve done.


Rheba – Black Lab


Just thought I would send you a picture of Duke. I haven’t been around much to hunt with Duke but my neighbor, Tom (retired), and his retired buddies have been using him a lot. Most recently they have been pheasant hunting in Westby WI where they shot 8 birds. They have been having a ball hunting with Duke.

Roger Greenwood is the guy in the picture, there are 4 retired guys that hunt and fish together. None of them have a dog so Tom has been hunting with Duke and sends pictures of him and Duke. They ALL have a great time when they go out and I am glad that Duke is available to them to use, they sure love having Duke around.



Duke – Yellow Lab


I just got back for Cresbard, SD. I was on a trip with John & Rigby, Joe & IPA and Myself & Captain. We did pretty good. All of the dogs hunted extremely well and it was fun to watch them all in action.



Captain – Yellow Lab


Tia has been doing really awesome the last few hunts. She is quartering really nice and finding the birds. Its fun to watch her get birdy.



Tia – Black Lab


Hello from Rosie and family! Just wanted to let you know that Rosie continues to do really well and that we are so grateful for all the obedience work you did with her. We’d definitely recommend your obedience training to anyone looking to get off on the right foot with a new puppy.

Thanks again,




Greetings from Valley City! Here we are at the start of another hunting season! I am happy to report that she is turning into an intelligent, confident, and well mannered retriever.

Rio went on her first hunts this weekend, as we started the early goose season on Aug. 15th. She was so excited to leave again this morning at 4:45 a.m.! Rio did great on her first hunting trips!


Rio – Blak Lab

Hey Jeff,

My son and I hunted (Grouse) with Millie every weekend in October.

On two different occasions I had two different friends and their kids with us. I received nothing but compliments about how well she does in the woods.

If you recall, she was a bit of a timid dog, but when she sees her vest, collar, and a gun she is a whole new dog. She literally starts shaking with excitement in her kennel.

Thanks for your work with her.


Millie – Brittany